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A Clever Dynamics GP Copy/Paste

Join Tridea at our Solana Beach office or call-in for our Lunch and Learn with TitaniumGP.

So how does it work? TitaniumGP uses eConnect*, this provides several benefits, first, it is approved by Microsoft to insert records into the database because this will maintain database integrity, second, when a piece of information contains an error, eConnect will report back a very familiar error message.

Other features:

TGP Validate – Build Business Rules to automatically check for predetermined conditions such as credit lines and quantities available. Avoid duplicate UPC’s or invalid countries in address cards.

Verify Address Records – Validate and amend customer and vendor addresses inside of Dynamics GP using up to date postal data from reliable resources.

Elastic Windows– Allow to Add Fields to Dynamics GP Windows – Increase the functionality of GP by easily adding new fields of any SQL type to your GP windows.

Search – inside Dynamics GP – Find exactly what you’re looking for in no time with TitaniumGP’s web-like search functionality.

Presenter: Miguel Lozano, TitaniumGP

Event Details: January 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM PST

Lunch provided by TitaniumGP

Tridea Partners Office
420 Stevens Avenue, Suite 350
Solana Beach, CA 92075

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How to Copy and Paste into Microsoft Dynamics GP

Advtrex’s Titanium GP brings the ease of copying and pasting into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Imagine a user wanted to copy and paste 50 lines of data from an Excel worksheet into a General Journal Entry in Dynamics GP. Normally, this would require using Microsoft importing tools that take a heavy amount of time depending on the size of the data files. With Titanium GP, a user can easily and immediately copy and paste import detail lines.

1. Highlight data in your computer file
2. Right click to copy or hold down “CTRL+C”
3. In GP, hit “Paste”.

Voila! The data is immediately pasted from Excel or Word into GP.
To make the process even faster, use keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste:

• To paste in Dynamics GP, hit “CTRL+T”
• To view in Grid form that allows the user to copy lines, hit “CTRL+G”

Pictured below is the grid view (CTRL+G).

How to Copy and Paste into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

When you copy/paste from Excel or Word to GP, the order of the columns is flexible.  As long as the columns titles match the respective fields in the GP window, the function will recognize the proper fields to copy/paste data.

Notice below that the Debit, Credit and Reference columns have been switched.

Titanium GP

Nonetheless, we are still able to successfully paste the data into the GP window.

Additionally, this tool allows copying and pasting from GP into an Excel or Word document. To save a GP document (or export it) to Excel, open a document in GP and use the menu command to “Save to Excel.” You will then be prompted to indicate the path and name to save the file.

The COPY/PASTE functionality can be used with the following windows:

• Journal Entries

• SOP Entry

• Purchase Orders

• Receivables Transaction

• Inventory Transaction

• Inventory Transfer

• Inventory Kits

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