Designating a Partner of Record for Microsoft Online Services

1. Sign in to Microsoft Online Services at

2. Click Admin in the top right corner of the screen.

3. On the Left hand Pane go to Billing and click Subscriptions

4. Select the Subscription for which you wish to add Tridea Partners as your Partner of Record, in this example Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial, each subscription has a separate Partner of Record.

5. Once you have selected your Subscription click on More Actions and click Edit Partner of Record.

6. Enter the Partner ID for Tridea Partners, (which is: 724952) in the field, click Check ID button. “Partner found: Tridea Partners” should then be displayed in green below the Microsoft Partner ID field. 

7. Then click Submit

8. You should now see Tridea Partners listed under partner information on the right.

9. Tridea Partners is now designated as the Partner of Record for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization.

To name Tridea Partners as your POR for another subscription, such as Office 365, please repeat steps 4 through 7.

Alternatively, if you are already logged into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, you can get to the Office 365 Admin center to designate us as your Partner of Record.

To do this go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM > SETTINGS > Administration > Subscription Management.

And go through steps 4 to 7 to designate us as your Partner of Record.

Contact Tridea Partners for more information.