Resolution for a Dynamics GP Error Message

Resolution for Error Message “The Cost of Goods Sold distribution is incorrect and will not be posted. Do you want to save with errors?”

Dynamics GP Error Message

Many users often encounter the above error message when trying to complete (save or post) a return in the Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry window. Unfortunately, the error message is obscure and doesn’t always tell you what the solution is.

The first step to diagnosing this error message is to check the accuracy of the distribution amounts and the costs associated with all items on the transaction. This analysis can be done on the Sales Transaction Entry Window, the Sales Distribution Window and from running SmartLists. There have been instances when users find errors with the Distributions and Costs, but upon trying to make the corrective adjustments they once again receive the above error.

What did we do? Well we looked within the Sales Header and Line Item tables in SQL to compare the different amounts (extended costs and distributions). After analyzing the data from the two tables, it seemed as though the extended costs in the Header tables did not match the extended costs within the Line Item tables, resulting in the Cost of Goods Sold distribution error. After updating the extended costs in the Header table to match the costs within the Line Item Table the users were able to move forward and save/post their Return.

This article was written by Andrea Stenquist, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.