Dynamics GP: Troubleshooting Steps for dag.exe Command

At some point in your Dynamics GP customization development career, you may come across the dag.exe command needed to generate the Application.Dynamics.ModifiedForms.dll. This .dll comes in handy when writing GP add-in’s for modified forms. However, you may run into issues when trying to run the dag command for the first time. The following troubleshooting steps and considerations have helped me get the dag.exe to run properly on most occasions:

  1. Do you have access to both the dag.exe file and the Dynamics.set file? If not, not being able to run the dag command properly may be an access issue.
  2. Does your dag.exe command look like: dag.exe 0 “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Dynamics.set” /F /N:Dynamics. The first time I tried to run the dag.exe, I did a quick search online and came across something like the command shown above. Chances are running this will not work. The path enclosed in the quotes should be the path to where your Dynamics.set file is, so update that portion of the command accordingly. Also, in the command prompt, be sure to change the directory (“cd”) to the dag.exe’s directory.
  3. If you run into problems up to this point, try moving the dag.exe file from its default “GP [GP Version] VS Tools SDK” directory to where the Dynamics.set file’s directory. Then change the directory (“cd”) in the command prompt to this new location and run the dag command.
  4. If the Application.Dynamics.ModifiedForms.dll already exists, there will be a message that indicates such. The file will have to be removed in order to run the dag.exe. Consider whether a new ModifiedForms.dll needs to be created and take precautionary steps, such as backing up the ModifiedForms.dll, before deleting the .dll.

This article was written by Kevin Huynh, Dynamics GP Technical Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

If you are using the batch approval functionality in Dynamics GP, you might find this article helpful. How nice would it be to have a list of all batches that need to be approved? Here are the steps for setting up a new list view in the Purchasing Module for Unapproved Payables Batches, but you can create a similar list in Financial or other modules as well.

To start, click on the Purchasing module and click on Payables Batches on the left navigation pane.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

This will open generate a list view for all Payables Batches. Click on the Payables Batches drop down and select Save As.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

Enter a name for the new list view being created (i.e. Unapproved Payables Batches) and click OK.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

This view will then be saved to the user’s navigation pane under the Purchasing module.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

Next, click on Add Filter.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

Select Batch Status in the first drop down, select is in the second drop down, and type in Unapproved in the Enter Value field. Then click on the grey arrow next to where you typed “Unapproved”.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

Click on the drop down arrow next to the Unapproved Payables Batches and click on Save to save the filter criteria.

List View of Unapproved Payables Batches in Dynamics GP

This will update/save the changes for the new list view.

This article was written by Shannon Hernandez, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.

Tridea Lunch & Learn with TitaniumGP

A Clever Dynamics GP Copy/Paste

Join Tridea at our Solana Beach office or call-in for our Lunch and Learn with TitaniumGP.

So how does it work? TitaniumGP uses eConnect*, this provides several benefits, first, it is approved by Microsoft to insert records into the database because this will maintain database integrity, second, when a piece of information contains an error, eConnect will report back a very familiar error message.

Other features:

TGP Validate – Build Business Rules to automatically check for predetermined conditions such as credit lines and quantities available. Avoid duplicate UPC’s or invalid countries in address cards.

Verify Address Records – Validate and amend customer and vendor addresses inside of Dynamics GP using up to date postal data from reliable resources.

Elastic Windows– Allow to Add Fields to Dynamics GP Windows – Increase the functionality of GP by easily adding new fields of any SQL type to your GP windows.

Search – inside Dynamics GP – Find exactly what you’re looking for in no time with TitaniumGP’s web-like search functionality.

Presenter: Miguel Lozano, TitaniumGP

Event Details: January 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM PST

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Overview: BI360
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