Word Templates for Dynamics GP 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 now offers two methods of customizing reports such as Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders.  One method is to use Report Writer and the other is to use Microsoft Word.  Report Writer is the standard way of making modifications and was used in prior versions of GP.  Microsoft Word is the new feature that has been added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

These new Word Templates can be setup by going to Reports > Template Maintenance.  Modified versions of reports customized in Report Writer can be used to generate new Word Templates allowing for custom fields to be added to the template.  There are many benefits that come with using the Word templates.  One of the most important is that many users are already familiar with Microsoft Word and its functionality.  Because of this, there is nearly no learning curve and users are able to make effortless changes.  Additionally, images can be stored for logo’s and applied to all documents for a specific GP company by going to Reports > Template Configuration > Images.  While Report Writer only allowed for one modified version of each report, the Word Template functionality allow for multiple versions.  These templates can also be assigned to particular master records such as Customers and Vendors making customizing your business’s Invoices and Purchase Orders easier than ever.