Modifying Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing

Sure, Microsoft Dynamics GP forms are great, but maybe your business has some unique way of handling things. Perhaps you long for a Sales Transaction Entry window that can somehow incorporate some of your unique business practices. Well, good news – Dynamics GP forms are customizable. Take, for example, the case of how we responded when a client of ours that works in the wine business asked if we could customize Dynamics GP to integrate the logic of their inventory-on-hold shipments. To give a little more background information, our client sells wine and offers customers the option of placing a hold on their orders and having them delivered at a specified later date. At the time, the winery would have a manager enter each on-hold order’s shipment date into an Outlook calendar, check that calendar on a regular basis, and then write and pass around notes with details of each on-hold shipment to the warehouse manager when it was the right time. Our clients asked us to help make this inventory on-hold process less tedious and more reliable.

Tridea was able to improve the on-hold order process by utilizing GP’s modify window tool. Using the tool, we added customized buttons and text fields to various Sales Transactions forms and expanded these forms’ functionality to include processing on-hold ship date information. We added checkboxes to mark whether orders were on-hold and, if so, whether these on-hold orders had been shipped. This allowed managers and users to instantly recognize the status of an order and to manage their on-hold orders with ease. Saving this information to customized SQL tables allowed for sharing of this new data between various sales forms and states of an order; all relevant on-hold shipment information was available from orders to invoices to posted and historical invoices. Furthermore, with this information, we were able to do away with the passed around notes and replace those with a SSRS report that provided a list of on-hold orders according to a user specified date. A custom SSRS report provided an easy to access reminder of when to send out on-hold orders. Rather than go through the redundant act of copying an order’s information over to a Outlook calendar in order to keep track of on-hold orders, our client could now enter on-hold information when they entered order information into GP and then pull a summarized form of that data with a SSRS report. With the help of GP form customization, our client was able to integrate their inventory on-hold logic into GP and make this practice of theirs more efficient.

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This article was written by Kevin Huynh, Dynamics GP Technical Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics GP provider serving CA, UT, CO and surrounding regions.