CRM Blog Series : Who Needs CRM and Why

Are you a business owner or manager today?   Have you heard of CRM tools but don’t know much about them or why someone might need them?

The following series is designed for you!

Do I Need CRM?

Dynamics CRM

Do you have customers or are you going to have customers? As I pointed out in my recent webinar in partnership with the US Small Business Administration and Microsoft if you have customers or are going to have them, then why wouldn’t you have a tool to help you manage your relationship with those folks??

Dynamics CRM

Why else do you need a CRM tool? Well, let’s ask ourselves, who really owns your customer information?   If you don’t have a centralized place to track and manage that data who’s really owns it?  If a team member can walk out your door with any of that data, can they take it down the street to your competition and use it there?  If so, don’t they really own it?     If you’ve got customer info sitting on post-it notes, business cards or notebooks how secure is it and what value is it adding to your organization?

Dynamics CRM

By putting that information in a CRM solution we can bring our clients to the heart of our business!   We can manage the contacts that are taking place.   We can know our data is secure and backed up with only authorized users having the ability to extract any or all of it.

Now that we’ve got the data all in one place, how can we quickly start to improve our Sales and drive value from it?

Dynamics CRM

Let’s start by “cloning” your best salesperson! We can do this by looking at the process they use to be successful and replicating it for the other people on your team.

Dynamics CRM


It’s important to think about how to make your sales process repeatable. That said, it can be a simple as 3 steps…something like “Lead-Prospect-Close” or something much more complicated that leverages the internal workflow capabilities of CRM

Dynamics CRM

The first step is just get going!

Dynamics CRM

You can get started today!  At Tridea Partners we can help you setup a free 30-day trial!

In our next article we’ll focus on how Customer Service can benefit from having a CRM tool.

This post was written by Eric Klauss, Sales Executive at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics. For more information, contact


Boston Dynamics Networking Event

Tridea Partners had a successful Networking Event in Boston two weeks ago. We wanted to thank everyone who came out to our event! The Frost Ice Bar was a great venue to have our first event in Boston, MA. We wanted to share some pictures from our successful event! Cheers to more growth!




Increase Sales and Revenue Dramatically with Dynamics CRM

Tridea Partners was honored to be endorsed by Microsoft and the US Small Business Administration for our expertise in CRM.

Last week Eric Klauss was the featured presenter on the topic of Dynamics CRM in the on-going Tech Tips webinar series brought to you by the US Small Business Administration and Microsoft.

Learn how a CRM tool can help you win more clients and keep the ones you have. Check out the recording below and contact us for more information!

Microsoft Dynamics Networking Event – Boston, MA

Tridea Partners, Microsoft Gold ERP provider of Dynamics AX, GP and CRM invites our clients, professional colleagues and friends to this special Microsoft Dynamics networking event.

We encourage those of you that aren’t current customers to attend and learn more about Tridea Partners and the Microsoft products in this friendly, open-forum. This is a great opportunity to meet and speak to other users as well as Tridea and Microsoft staff.

Join us for appetizers, drinks and access to the Frost Ice Bar!

What is ClickDimensions?

ClickDimensions is marketing automation software that has been developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pairing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickDimensions creates a quick and easy one-stop shop for your intelligence and marketing needs.

Some great features of ClickDimensions include: email marketing (drip campaign management, split testing, OutlookCast, inbox preview, and spam rating), landing page tools, survey and form builder, website tracking, lead scoring and etc.…

So what is new in the release? And when does it take place?

As of now the release is scheduled to be available during the following times:

  • For the European data center on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.
  • For the Australian data center on Friday, November 13, 2015.
  • For the U.S. data center on Monday, November 16, 2015.

Release features:

  • Campaign Automation Builder: Design powerful automated campaigns that are similar to Nurture Programs but include more ways to initiate the automation, an easier visual interface, and improved features such as timed waits, repeatable series, and branching logic.
  • ClickDimensions Content Pack for Power BI: See ClickDimensions data in your organizations Power BI. Available features are Posted Forms, Visits, and Visitors. In addition, you can create charts and dashboards.
  • Multiple Email CNAMEs: For organizations that have multiple brands and have a different domain for each brand, now each domain can be used as an option to brand your links in emails.
  • Survey Radio Button “Other” Option: Radio button survey questions can now have an “Other” option which allows the person filling out the survey to type in their own answer if the options given are not suitable. This is a new option in the Survey Questions area.

To find out more check out the ClickDimensions blog here

This article was written by Andrea Stenquist, Dynamics CRM Technical Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.