Comparing Dynamics Marketing to 3rd Party Marketing Automation Tools?

There is now another marketing automation offering available for Dynamics CRM and it’s provided directly by Microsoft and is called Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.  In the past, Dynamics CRM and its partners relied on 3rd party products to address automated marketing including ClickDimensions, CoreMotives, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, eTrigue and other systems that integrated with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM application.

These 3rd party systems go well beyond the basic Dynamics CRM capabilities of simple marketing list creation and management, marketing event tracking and basic email campaigns management available in core Dynamics CRM.  These systems provide advanced tools such as email broadcasts, management and analytics, with nicely formatted email templates and email creation tools.  They also allow you to view lead activity on your website, capture lead information and form data and design automated nurture programs.  Some of them also allow you to setup advanced surveys to send to leads, opportunities, customers and contacts.

Now with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, one can get all of this 3rd party functionality by Microsoft’s application with the exception of sending and managing surveys.  Furthermore, Dynamics Marketing also has added a Marketing Resource Management functionality that allows you to manage all your marketing efforts from task and activity creation, to activity tracking, approvals and budget management.  This tool also allows for the automated creation of marketing assets with approvals, as well as brand, advertising and program management and collaboration.  Dynamics Marketing also has further capabilities for Social Engagement management for tracking the voice of your prospect and customer across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It should be noted that ClickDimension and the other 3rd party products do have a head start on these marketing automation tools so today they will go a bit deeper in some of the core functionality.  However, things may evolve and change quicker with the budgets of Microsoft and future enhancements due for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.  Check out this new functionality for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

This article was written by Andy Collins, Partner at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.