Automation with Dynamics CRM 2011 Process Workflows

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 does provide a Revenue Generated by Marketing Campaign Chart and View; however it does not copy that Actual Revenue amount to a field on the Campaign Form. A recent client wanted to have this field on the Campaign Form in order to perform some ROI calculations (using Java script) on the Campaign Form. We accomplished this goal with these steps:

1. First, create a new field (currency) on the Campaign Form.
2. Create a process workflow on the Opportunity entity that updates the Source Campaign tied to a given Opportunity.

a. Scope = Organization
b. Start when = Record status Changes
c. Add Check Condition Step = Opportunity Status equals [Won]
d. If condition is met Add Step = Update: Source Campaign
e. Click on Set Properties

CRM 2011

f. The Campaign form will open
g. Click in the Actual Revenue field (that was created in Step 1)
h. Select Operator: Increment by
i. Look for: Opportunity
Actual Revenue
j. Click on Add

process workflows

3. Close and Activate the workflow
4. Now, every time an opportunity tied to a Source Campaign is won, the Actual Revenue amount gets incremented/added in that Source Campaign form.

This is just one of the uses of the “increment by” feature in workflows. It obviously can be used to update other numerical /date fields on related entities. There is also an option to “decrement by” and “multiply by” which is also very useful.