CRM Blog Series : Who Needs CRM and Why (Part 2)

Are you a business owner or manager today?   Have you heard of CRM tools but don’t know much about them or why someone might need them?

The following series is designed for you!

                                     CRM & Service


Do you have customers or are you going to have customers? As I pointed out in my recent webinar in partnership with the US Small Business Administration and Microsoft if you have customers or are going to have them, then why wouldn’t you have a tool to help you manage your relationship with those folks??

In my prior CRM blog post we talked about Sales.   Sales is certainly an important part of any business, but now let’s take a look at the often undervalued cousin to Sales…Customer Service

crm # 2

An increasingly connected digital world has changed the way customers engage with brands. In an age of commoditized products and services, companies look to customer engagement and experience as key levers of competitive differentiation. Customer Service organizations are at the epicenter of a company’s ability to deliver a differentiated and consistent engagement experience.


One of the first things I often ask when talking to an organization about CRM is simply, “How do you track and manage your customer service today?”   Sadly, all too often what I see is some poor person with the title of Customer Service Manager who’s been tasked with delivering great experiences but given nothing more than some staff, some phones and a copy of Microsoft Excel to try and pull it off and manage it all.   Meanwhile, in today’s online, connected world our clients want to engage with us via more modern tools.  When you look at the great Service companies today, they provide a multitude of ways for the customers to connect with them including online chat, email, and even social media tools.


Inherently, Customer Service people want to deliver those great experiences.   People don’t take Customer Service jobs to go out of their way to deliver a bad experience.  They genuinely want their customers to be happy!   This in turn makes them happy and productive as employees!

What if instead, we empower our Customer Service team members by giving them a great tools that work across those channels?


And we can see the big payoff at the end. 86% of our customers are willing to pay more for a better Customer Experience!!!

The first step is just get going! You can visit our website and check out my recent webinar with the US Small Business Administration

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