Reconciling a Bank Account in Dynamics AX 2012

Reconciling a bank statement with all the bank account transactions created in a period can be a daunting and cumbersome task. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides easy to use functionality which makes reconciling a bank account a quick and painless exercise.

To reconcile a bank account, begin in the Cash and Bank Management functional area by following navigation path:

Cash and bank management > Common > Bank accounts

Select the bank account and click the Account Reconciliation button to open the Bank statement form.


Enter a Bank statement date, a Bank statement name and the ending balance of the bank account as it appears on the statement received from the bank.

Click the Transactions button to open the Account Reconciliation form.

The top portion of the Account reconciliation form lists the transactions which have not yet been reconciled.

Mark each of the transactions on the bank statement in AX by clicking the Cleared checkbox on each transaction line.

As you mark the transactions as ‘cleared’, the bottom portion of the form shows the sum of the transactions selected grouped by Bank transaction group.

The Unreconciled field also adjusts automatically as you mark transactions as cleared and shows the remaining amount to be reconciled.

If you wish to select the Cleared checkbox for all of the lines within an interval of check numbers on the bank statement, click the Mark check interval button. Select the first check number and last check number in the sequence. All of the lines associated with this check sequence will then be selected as ‘Cleared’.