Dynamics GP: Purchase Order Numbers on Check Stubs

While working with a client on their Dynamics GP Check with Stub on Top and Bottom_Text report I had an interesting conversation with Microsoft Support. I discovered that there are two different fields that relate to the term PO Number.

In the PM Payment_Work_Table you have the field labeled PO Number, which I had presumed was the PO field I would use on the Check Stubs.  I found out that this field only relates to the PO Numbers entered during the Transaction Entry processing.

Since my client was processing the majority of their invoices from Purchase Order entry, they were using either Shipment/Invoice or Enter/Match Invoice processing which uses the Purchase Order Number, not PO Number.  The Purchase Order Number resides in the PM Transaction OPEN file, and this file is not traditionally linked to the Check Stubs.

To make the Purchase Order Number field available you have to link the PM Transaction OPEN file into the PM Payment_Stub_Duplicate file and then insert the field into your Check Stub. Below you will find all the steps required to link this new field to your Check Stubs.

  1. Purchase Order Number addition process steps.

a.  Click on the Tables button on the Toolbar and Choose Tables from the list.

Dynamics GPDynamics GP

b.  Open the PM_Payment_Stub_Duplicate file.

Dynamics GP

c.  Click on the Relationships button, and then select New.

Dynamics GP






Dynamics GP






d.  Click on the button with 3 dots and find the PM Transaction OPEN file.

Dynamics GP


e.  Select Key 2 and choose the following fields:

Apply TO Document Type: Document Type

Apply to Voucher Number: Voucher Number

Dynamics GP

f.  Click OK and back out of all the windows, saving your changes.

g.  Open the Check with Stub on Top and Bottom report and click on the Tables button on the Report Definition window.

h.  Select the PM Payment Stub Duplicate file and click New. Highlight the PM Transaction Open file, then Click Ok and click Close to save the change.

Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP

i.  Open the Report Layout window.

j.  In the Toolbox, select the PM Transaction Open file and pull into the body of the Layout the Purchase Order Number field.

Dynamics GPDynamics GP

Re-size to align with the rest of your data

k.  Save your changes.

This article was written by Dean Anderson, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.


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Security in Dynamics AX 2012

Properly restricting security in Dynamics AX 2012 often requires using the “override permissions” function that is available when defining a security role.

Dynamics AX





This is because it is possible to assign a user to security privileges that only grant “Inquiry” access to certain forms in AX, yet the user will the ability to actually update the tables related to those forms. (Example: the user can update the vendor master table, even though he/she only been granted “inquiry” access to the vendor master form in AX). This occurs because AX grants access to the “Demand buttons” (Create, Edit, Delete) based on table level access, not access to the forms.

Using vendor maintenance as an example, there are some duties unrelated to vendor maintenance (example: invoice processing) that grant a user “full control” of the vendor master table. Those duties may not necessarily offer the means to navigate to the vendor master in order to make any updates to it.  However, if that same user is given a security privilege that allows him / her to inquire upon the vendor master table, then he/she now has the means to both access the vendor table and update it. In such scenarios, it is necessary to use “override permissions” to restrict table access and thus ensure that users assigned to that security role have “view only” access.

This article was written by Matthew Boese, Partner at Tridea Partners, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

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