Join us for a SharePoint Webinar!

SharePoint 2013 capabilities are often underutilized and the depth of the functionality can be overwhelming, thus hindering adoption. Join us for a SharePoint webinar showcasing popular collaboration tools and a forward look at SharePoint Server 2016.  We will highlight how SharePoint currently integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications and what’s in line for the future of these integrated applications.  We predict a future where we’ll continue to see organizations choose a combination of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments. With the newest developments in Azure, it’s important for you to start considering where cloud computing plays into SharePoint in your strategic plans.

Webinar topics include:

  • Collaboration Tools in SharePoint 2013
  • Forward Look at SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics: Better Together
  • Deployment Options, including Microsoft Azure

Presenters: Andy Collins of Tridea Partners & Ro Kolakowski of 6th Street Consulting

Event Details: November 19, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST

**Please register for this event by November 17th

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Connecting and Empowering Your Team with SharePoint

What are some characteristics of a strong, cohesive, and productive team?

  • Communicate and share information in real-time
  • Embrace the diversity of the team’s knowledge and experience
  • Not afraid to ask for or receive help and information from teammates
  • Keep up with what is going on with members of their “work family”
  • Work together to hand-off tasks and work products seamlessly
  • Spend time recognizing team success, achievements, and important events
  • Retain a spirit of engagement, enthusiasm, and contribution in their daily work life

Certainly these values always translate better across your company if the owners, executive leadership, and managers set a good example for teamwork and nurture these behaviors in their staff.

When company leaders get behind this movement, they need an ally in the technology space to help put these values into daily practice…

First, start with leveraging MS SharePoint’s strengths as a platform for Collaboration.

Next, sponsor a cross-functional team to carefully plan a company Intranet on MS SharePoint.

Consider some of these features for your Intranet to drive its use and add daily value for your team:

  • Team Contacts – Keep company phone list / directory accessible on the Home Page to provide an instant electronic version of the Rolodex with up-to-date company contact info.
  • Team Expertise – Department sites accessible from Home Page can identify department members, roles, work-related experience or certifications, and points-of-contact for questions.
  • Shared Content – Create libraries for corporate and HR forms and resources, or project workspaces for team collaboration on document generation, review, and archiving.
  • News Feed – Dedicate space on Home Page for press releases, news announcements, corporate events calendar, and links to external websites appropriate for your business
  • Self-Service Tools – Central portal for sending web request to other departments, such as IT or Facilities, for support.
  • Training Resources – Up-to-date procedures, training content, and on-boarding instructions can be provided via a site that can be managed by your HR department
  • Engaging Content – This category is where your company can show its unique spirit. Some companies may have a “Quote of the Day” or a weekly blog or letter from company leaders or other employees with valuable insights applicable to your business.   There may be human interest news articles about team fund raising, team industry awards/recognition, or the latest scores from the company’s softball team. Field team members can share their success stories and use the company Intranet to introduce and involve their team from any location.

Our team at Tridea can help you translate your unique business and cultural values into a company Intranet that keeps your team involved, engaged, and armed for successful collaboration. Microsoft has given us the platform to bring your employees closer together in this distributed world.

This article was written by Juanita Schoen, Project Manager for Tridea Partners.