ERP Inventory Management for the Meat Industry | Tridea Partners

A solution for meat and poultry processing and distribution companies unique ERP inventory challenges

ColumbusFood helps meat and poultry companies optimize their processes to produce and distribute high-quality products that are compliant with the changing food safety regulations. With a seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are a variety of features that allow meat processors to address their unique requirements. This article will highlight some of ColumbusFood’s key inventory attributes.

Dual UOM (Unit of Measure) catch weights – Typically, meat processors track products by catch weight or actual weight throughout the production, distribution, and sales process. Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows the user to assign multiple units of measure to an inventory item. This gives the user the ability to record the transaction for the same item in a different unit of measure. With ColumbusFood’s dual unit of measure, the processors are able to manage the same item in terms of its base unit of measure and its bulk quantity. Catch weight also enables the user to record an exact alternate quantity amount for a particular transaction.

Item/Lot attributes – An item’s attribute plays a critical role in various processes including inventory, vendor and customer management, production, and product quality and cost. ColumbusFood, in addition to the basic inventory rotation management, allows maintaining and supporting expiration dates and quarantine dates. This can help maintain inventory integrity.

Item/Lot forward & backward tracing – Processors that produce based on batch require tracking and tracing of key ingredients. Both forward and backward tracing is critical, from raw material receipts through sales of Lot Freshness – allows for the calculation of a Days-To-Fresh, Best If Used By, or a Sell By Date.  ColumbusFood offers the ability for users to track product throughout the system.

Video on Inventory Attributes