CRM Blog Series : Who Needs CRM and Why (Part 2)

Are you a business owner or manager today?   Have you heard of CRM tools but don’t know much about them or why someone might need them?

The following series is designed for you!

                                     CRM & Service


Do you have customers or are you going to have customers? As I pointed out in my recent webinar in partnership with the US Small Business Administration and Microsoft if you have customers or are going to have them, then why wouldn’t you have a tool to help you manage your relationship with those folks??

In my prior CRM blog post we talked about Sales.   Sales is certainly an important part of any business, but now let’s take a look at the often undervalued cousin to Sales…Customer Service

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An increasingly connected digital world has changed the way customers engage with brands. In an age of commoditized products and services, companies look to customer engagement and experience as key levers of competitive differentiation. Customer Service organizations are at the epicenter of a company’s ability to deliver a differentiated and consistent engagement experience.


One of the first things I often ask when talking to an organization about CRM is simply, “How do you track and manage your customer service today?”   Sadly, all too often what I see is some poor person with the title of Customer Service Manager who’s been tasked with delivering great experiences but given nothing more than some staff, some phones and a copy of Microsoft Excel to try and pull it off and manage it all.   Meanwhile, in today’s online, connected world our clients want to engage with us via more modern tools.  When you look at the great Service companies today, they provide a multitude of ways for the customers to connect with them including online chat, email, and even social media tools.


Inherently, Customer Service people want to deliver those great experiences.   People don’t take Customer Service jobs to go out of their way to deliver a bad experience.  They genuinely want their customers to be happy!   This in turn makes them happy and productive as employees!

What if instead, we empower our Customer Service team members by giving them a great tools that work across those channels?


And we can see the big payoff at the end. 86% of our customers are willing to pay more for a better Customer Experience!!!

The first step is just get going! You can visit our website and check out my recent webinar with the US Small Business Administration

You can get started today!  At Tridea Partners we can help you setup a free 30-day trial!


Designating a Partner of Record for Microsoft Online Services

1. Sign in to Microsoft Online Services at

2. Click Admin in the top right corner of the screen.

3. On the Left hand Pane go to Billing and click Subscriptions

4. Select the Subscription for which you wish to add Tridea Partners as your Partner of Record, in this example Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial, each subscription has a separate Partner of Record.

5. Once you have selected your Subscription click on More Actions and click Edit Partner of Record.

6. Enter the Partner ID for Tridea Partners, (which is: 724952) in the field, click Check ID button. “Partner found: Tridea Partners” should then be displayed in green below the Microsoft Partner ID field. 

7. Then click Submit

8. You should now see Tridea Partners listed under partner information on the right.

9. Tridea Partners is now designated as the Partner of Record for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization.

To name Tridea Partners as your POR for another subscription, such as Office 365, please repeat steps 4 through 7.

Alternatively, if you are already logged into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, you can get to the Office 365 Admin center to designate us as your Partner of Record.

To do this go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM > SETTINGS > Administration > Subscription Management.

And go through steps 4 to 7 to designate us as your Partner of Record.

Contact Tridea Partners for more information.



IAMCP Announces Tridea Partners as a Finalist in the 2016 Global Partner-to-Partner Awards Program

International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners Celebrates Tridea Partners as a Finalist in the 2016 IAMCP Member Awards Program. Winners and Runners-Up to be announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto on July 11th.

REDMOND, Wash. – June 9, 2016 – The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners is delighted to recognize Tridea Partners as one of the top partners in the IAMCP global community for achieving excellence in partner-to-partner (P2P) solutions that drive customer value.

“We have been overwhelmed at the quality of the submissions this year,” said award committee chairperson and former IAMCP President, Gail Mercer-MacKay. “Our partners are not only innovating; they are delivering unparalleled value by working together to create solutions that drive positive business outcomes.”

“Tridea Partners is honored and thrilled to be recognized for our extensive work in partner to partner activities and solutions”, stated Andy Collins, Partner at Tridea Partners. “Our Tridea Partners team members have worked with dozens of Microsoft Partners across the US, starting from our headquarters’ team in Solana Beach, California and many Microsoft partners in the Southern California area. We also have an office in Irvine, California and began working with partners via the IAMCP-SoCal chapter where Eric Klauss from our team is the current chapter Vice President. Most recently we’ve continued our growth by expanding to Boston, Massachusetts where Sandra Knight from Tridea is actively engaged with the IAMCP-Boston, Women in Technology team.”

This award nomination solution has focused on Tridea Partners partnership with the outstanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM team at XRM3 with Ken Farmer and Mark Abes. Mark is the Past President of IAMCP-San Diego. XRM3 and Tridea Partners have worked together many times over the years on combined Dynamics CRM & Dynamics ERP opportunities. Tridea has leveraged XRM3 to augment our own CRM expertise. Recently both teams did a joint webinar and are currently working several active sales opportunities, as well as working with many mutual clients together.



The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) is the leading independent global organization for business networking in the Microsoft partner eco-system with 100+ chapters in over 40 countries around the world. IAMCP members represent the trusted, independent voice of the Microsoft partner community.

Microsoft Partners that are part of the IAMCP community typically enjoy significantly higher revenues and higher margins than their counterparts outside of the community. Members benefit from P2P relationships with other trusted members to generate these higher margins and deliver exceptional solutions and services to their customers.

The IAMCP Member Awards Program

Launched in 2015, the IAMCP Awards Program is designed to encourage and recognize Association members for the outstanding, innovative and creative products and services they deliver through trusted P2P and channel relationships. Winners and finalists benefit from increased recognition through press and social media. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony to be held during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 (WPC), which this year is being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Video: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Integration – Driving Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Does your company engage in a highly transactional business with new or repeat customers? Imagine how much better your sales, service and finance teams could operate sharing critical customer data. No more data silos.

Learn how in our 30-minute webinar:

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2016 Dynamics Customer Event

Tridea Partners had a successful Dynamics Customer Event at Ballast Point Brewery last week. We wanted to thank our sponsors Avalara, Concur, Solver and everyone who came out to our event! We wanted to share some pictures from our successful event! We will see everyone at the next event!