Dynamics GP Smartlist: Unposted Manual Payments

Creating Unposted Manual Payments Smartlist using Smartlist Designer

Open up Smartlist (Microsoft Dynamics > Smartlist)

Click on the New button in the Smartlist toolbar.

Dynamics GP

Enter a List Name (i.e. Unposted Manual Payments), select Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Product dropdown, and select Purchasing for the Series.

Dynamics GP

Expand Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tables > Purchasing by clicking on the plus signs.

Dynamics GP

Scroll down the Purchasing list and check the box next to PM Manual Payment WORK File. The Selected Fields section will then display what columns of data that will be pulled into the smartlist view. You can create Relationships or add Filters in this window as well.

Dyanmics GP

Clicking on the Execute Query button will display the data results in a preview pane on the bottom of the window under Result’s Preview. This will help the user to validate the data that is being pulled so modifications can be made if necessary.

Dyanmics GP

When complete, click OK.

Dyamics GP

The new smartlist view will now appear in the Smartlist window. All the normal functionality can be applied to this new smartlist (adding restrictions through the Search function and adding/removing Columns). One thing to note is that smartlists created through Smartlist Designer are not dynamic. So users can’t double click on a particular transaction or line within the smartlist and navigate into the document window.

Dynamics GP Smartlist

This article was written by Shannon Hernandez, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.

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