Dynamics GP: Sales Order Processing with Deferred Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows users to setup deferred revenue profiles for Sales Order Processing.  Once a profile has been configured, users can use this profile on a Sales Invoice.  In doing this, the deferred postings can be linked back to the Sales Invoice.

Take the following steps to create the deferred revenue schedule from a sales invoice:

  1. From the Sales Invoice, click on the line item which needs to be deferred.  Then click the blue arrow for the Sales Item Detail Entry window.
  2. From this window click Distributions; ensure the Sales account matches the Original Billing account used in the deferral profile previously created (Financial > Setup > Deferral Profiles).  Save then close the Sales Item Detail Entry window.
  3. From the Invoice click: Go To > Distributions.  From the Sales Distribution Entry window click: Additional > Deferral Profile.
  4. Select the deferral profile and verify the Account Information is accurate.  Enter in the Start Date and Number of Periods for the deferral; press tab.
  5. The deferred revenue postings will populate.  At this time, you may add a description to each posting.
  6. Press Allocate and then press OK from the Sales Distribution Entry window; this will bring you back to the invoice.
  7. Print an edit list for the deferral schedule to verify the accounts are correct before posting the invoice.

Once you post the invoice, the deferral schedules will be posted based on your deferral settings.

This article was written by Teresa Cortez, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.

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