Who Needs a CRM Tool?

As a SCORE business mentor and presenter on business and technology, one of the questions I’m often asked is “do I need a CRM tool?”

I usually ask the person posing the question one in response, “Do you or will you have customers?”

For me, it’s really just that simple.  If you have customers and prospective customers you should be using a Customer Relationship Management tool. Period.

The next question I usually get then is “Why?”

This is where things get interesting.

There are many reasons why and they vary depending on the nature of the organization but here are a few questions I’ll ask just to get them started.

Do you remember every phone call conversation or email you’ve sent to a client or prospect over the past 5 years?  Do you think your salespeople can do that?  I guarantee you they can’t.    Someone might say “well, our sales cycles aren’t that long”.   Or I’ve heard variations on that theme “Oh we’re just a distributor, people call us and place an order or they don’t.”

Really…so you’re telling me that business is so good that when someone calls you and doesn’t place an order with you, you can afford to just ignore them and not bother following up?

Sales Statistics

But that’s Sales.  Perhaps you’re really great a making happy clients and you don’t need to worry about adding new customers.  You can just keep serving the ones you have.

Do you provide 100% customer satisfaction the first time, every time?   Nobody does!!!!    Do you know how many customer service issues your clients are experiencing?  How are you tracking that?  How long does it take to resolve a customer issue on average?  What’s the longest a customer has waited for their issue to be resolved this week/month/year?

You can't manage what you can't measure

Do you think it’s important for salespeople to know if a customer experienced some kind of customer service issue when they make or take a call with that customer?  Is an unhappy customer going to buy from you again?

How about Marketing.  We all know it’s important, especially for a small business.  You’re trying to get your name out there!   But what happens with that money you spend?  How many leads did you get from your various ad campaigns?  What happened to them?  What results are you getting from your website and search engine marketing (SEM)?   Did you get what you hoped/wanted from it?  Do you exhibit at a trade show or conference?  What did you get from that last year?   Was it worth it?  Are you going to attend again?

At the end of the day, the value of your company is your customers.   How are you managing them and what tools are you using for it?

At Tridea Partners, our team members bring decades of experience in Sales, Marketing & Customer Service.   How can we help you?

This post was written by Eric Klauss, Sales Executive at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  For more information contact sales@trideapartners.com.





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