A Closer Look at Dynamics CRM 2015, Spring ‘15 Release

There are many new exciting enhancements that will come with the latest Spring Release of Dynamics CRM 2015, many of which I highlight below.  They have delivered these new enhancements with a focus in 5 keys areas, including Productivity, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Knowledge.  So let’s take a look at each of these key areas of focus and what’s coming this quarter.

Productivity: The use and integration of other Microsoft products continues to strengthen.  In this latest release, one can perform “what if” scenarios in an immersive Excel experience utilizing core CRM data.  There is also the first integration with Microsoft OneNote (an application I love and use consistently to track all my notes and important information), which will allow for extended collaboration.

Social: The initial focus of the social functionality in Dynamics CRM was focused around what was defined as ‘Social Listening’.  Well, now Microsoft has taken that concept and extended it to what they refer to as ‘Social Engagement’, something much more interactive and powerful.  They have delivered new social centers, where various sales, marketing and service team members can monitor and engage directly with social sites.  The reporting and analytics for social now includes text mining, cloud visualization and an activity map for global and real time social visibility.

Mobility: While extending the compatibility of multiple mobile devices was added in CRM 2013, an extended set of functionality is delivered in Dynamics CRM 2015.  Included with this new functionality is the ability to configure the application once, and deploy it everywhere with the same experience.  A mobile SDK was also added in this most recent release.

Analytics: Microsoft has delivered PowerBI Connectors for Dynamics CRM 2015 in this latest offering.  PowerBI is the new, powerful business intelligence (BI) tool for Microsoft and these connectors allow for all CRM data to be accessed by this BI solution through interactive reporting and dashboards.

Knowledge: Microsoft acquired a system called Parature and this social and customer engagement tool is now beginning to be integrated with Dynamics CRM.  This tool will allow customer service agents the ability to have real-time interactions with customers through multiple channels including email, social, the web or chat.  This tool enhances the customer’s self-service capabilities to resolve problems, something that the industry continues to move towards.

A common theme on all these new features is the ability to have intelligent customer engagements.  All these new exciting features will soon be delivered with the Spring Release of Dynamics CRM 2015.  This release is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2015.

This article was written by Andy Collins, Partner at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner. www.trideapartners.com


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