Dynamics AX: Deleting a Production Order After Posting a Picking Journal

This post outlines the steps required in Microsoft Dynamics AX to reset the status of a production order in order to delete the order. Once a production order has been picked you will need to reverse the picking list before resetting the status and deleting the order.

First start by navigating to Production Control > Common > Production orders > All production orders.

Then select the order you wish to delete and open it. One View tab click the Picking list journal

Dynamics AX Picking List

Once the journal is open, click Picking list on the top and then create lines. From there select Full reversal and click OK

Dynamics AX Full Reversal

A production journal will pop up with a negative line for the reversal. Review, Validate and Post the journal.

Now that the picking list has been reversed you can reset the status of your production order back to Created. On the Production order tab select Reset status

Dynamics AX Reset Status

The desired reset status will automatically default to the status that is right before the current status. The user will not be able to jump to the status that you desire to be in. You must reset the status to each stage until the desired status of Created can be selected.

Click the OK button on the Reset status page and the production order status will update. On the action pane select Reset status again and click OK. Repeat this until the Created status is reached.

Dynamics AX

Once the production order has a status of Created, the order can now be deleted. Click the Delete button on the Production order tab of the current order.

AX Delete Production Order

This article was written by Laura Garcia, Dynamics AX Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider serving CA, AZ, UT, CO and surrounding regions.

7 thoughts on “Dynamics AX: Deleting a Production Order After Posting a Picking Journal”

  1. Hi

    I read your blog, but here i have one doubt, i created the production order and the status is started and i want to delete the production order, simply i can reset the status why i need to go to the journal then do the reset.

    Ca u explain me the reason.

    thanks in advance.

  2. I made production order with wrong input , when i need to reset status system saying you can’t reset cause of no QTY on hand , so how can i reset it !!

  3. Hi.

    Please kindly advice me the solution,
    I was created prod order, picking, posted and ended already. so, this qty were added to inventory.
    the problem found when i want to deliver the sales order, by picking the inventory.
    the batch number of this inventory were not found. it seems that the prod order was deleted.


    1. Hi Dian,

      Without looking at your specific issue, I wouldn’t be able to provide an educated recommendation. You can try looking at the transactions on the item that was being produced and filter out by the production order number to see what transactions took place for this item. From there you should be able to see the inventory dimensions associated with the item and if anything changed when the order was deleted. You may also want to consider modifying your “maintain” security access on production orders for users. Let us know if you have any other questions at info@trideapartners.com

      Thank you,
      Tridea Partners

  4. What happens to the transactions in the production order e.g. labor. The production order is on a project in a warehouse.

    1. Hi Belle,

      Assuming your labor is a service item on the BOM of the production order, the transaction will still show on the item transactions. If you have more questions contact us at info@trideapartners.com.

      Thank you,
      Tridea Partners

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