Dynamics CRM 2015 Announcement!

The details of the upcoming Dynamics CRM 2015 release have just been announced.  You’ll see some great new additions to the next Dynamics CRM release including many enhanced marketing capabilities like interactive marketing calendar, improved graphical email editing, tighter sales and marketing integration and integrated offers and approvals.  The new sales features will include the ability to bundle products and upsell /cross-sell recommended products, a robust guided sales process and many enhanced mobile sales capabilities.  Lastly, for customer service, CRM 2015 will include the ability to enable user to provide differentiated levels of support with different SLA and thresholds.

This new Dynamics CRM 2015 release will be available in December of 2014 for both on-premise and online deployments. On the heels of the CRM 2015 release, Microsoft will be updating Microsoft Social Listening in the Spring 2015 release as well as updates to Parature, the enhanced customer service solution by Microsoft.

This article was written by Andy Collins, Partner at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.   www.trideapartners.com

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