Dynamics AX2012 R3 – Warehouse Automation with Radio Frequency

Perhaps some of the most exciting new features that are now available with the release of Dynamics AX2012 R3 are those are in the area of warehouse management.  Dynamics AX now has true warehouse automation (bar-code scanning) without the need to utilize 3rd party software. The ability to use radio frequency handheld devices for warehousing transactions is now out-of-the-box functionality. Warehouse workers can use handheld scanning devices for inbound and outbound processes, as well as key inventory and production control processes. Furthermore, the functionality comes to us as a mature, well-proven solution. This is because Microsoft has folded into the core AX product the warehouse management functionality that was in use for years as a 3rd party product that was developed by the ISV Blue Horseshoe. Many partners and customers in the Dynamics AX channel can attest to the extensive and solid history that the Blue Horseshoe product has with Dynamics AX, thus alleviating any concerns about the maturity of this set of functionality. Some of the processes supported by the new warehouse management functionality are:

  • Radio Frequency Handheld Scanners for receiving, put-away, picking, staging, loading, inventory adjustments, and production
  • Real-time cycle counting
  • Workflow enabled inbound processes and outbound processes
  • License  plate control / pallet tracking

This article was written by Matthew Boese, Partner at Tridea Partners, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner serving Southern California.

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Dynamics AX2012 R3 – Warehouse Automation with Radio Frequency

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