A Plethora of Licensing Options for Dynamics GP 2013

Here are some licensing options for Dynamics GP 2013. http://www.trideapartners.com/products/microsoft-dynamics-gp/dynamics-gp-pricing It used to be that a prospective ERP buyer could only purchase software licensing upfront and pay an annual software maintenance cost to stay updated on new releases and updates of the software.  Then, they were forced to pay for the implementation services over the 3 – 5 months before Go Live so cash availability was key.  Well, today you can find many options for acquiring ERP software and services.

Today one can continue to pay for the license fees for GP 2013 upfront, along with the annual software maintenance, called the Business Ready Advantage Plan, or Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan (an annual service fee that gives the customer an ability to purchase new users, access updates, get access to an online knowledgebase and get access to online training).  The customer would then pay for the implementation and consulting services as the work is performed (traditionally through bi-monthly billing).

Another option for acquiring these licenses is to finance it through Microsoft Financing or another financing institution.  In addition to the benefit of spreading out the license fees over 3 – 5 years, one can benefit from incorporating the implementation fees and any related software or hardware into the finance agreement.

A company may also host the Dynamics GP system and choose to pay for that hosting fee month-to-month, as well as rent the license month-to-month, software licensing model called SPLA.  This model of licensing allows you to spread costs out over time.  The hosting benefit prevents companies from having to acquire hardware for an ERP deployment and for the company to have an internal or outsourced IT provider manage the system.  Depending on the desire of the customer, they could also purchase the license under this model.

Lastly, Dynamics GP can be used through a subscription model which involves renting the software and either utilizing a hosting partner or deploying the system on an on-premise server.  The subscription model allows for spreading out the software costs over time as well.

There are many ways to acquire the Dynamics GP 2013 software system and related implementation services and there are a number of factors that can determine the most ideal model to access licensing and deploy the ERP system.  Please contact Tridea Partners if you’d like to understand these different options and estimated pricing for Dynamics GP 2013.

This article was written by Andy Collins, Partner at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.   www.trideapartners.com

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