Faster eTrigue Marketing Automation for Dynamics CRM

In June of 2013, eTrigue announced in a press release that the latest version of its eTrigue Demand Center to Dynamics CRM integration takes advantage of the Bulk Data Load API that was made available in the prior quarter release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM C# SDK for Visual Studio. The very technical phrasing of the announcement may have allowed its significance to slip by many managers who only want to know, “What value does this provide for me?”

The short answer is that it results in faster synchronization speeds for updates that contain multiple records. The bigger the batch, the more benefit experienced. Marketing Automation Systems and Sales Workflow Automation Systems often deal with large batches of data such as imported marketing lists and bulk e-mails consisting of thousands of records. These records are both loaded into the system in large batches, and updated in large batches.

The eTrigue Demand Center integration with Dynamics CRM is designed to synchronize leads, opportunities, campaigns, and campaign members (Marketing Lists in CRM) between the two systems. Prior to the update, when a large list was loaded into eTrigue, each record was loaded into Dynamics CRM as an individual transaction. Using the new Bulk Data Load API, the integration is able to bundle a large set of records into one message, and post it to CRM in a single transaction. This dramatically reduces the time required to synchronize eTrigue and Dynamics CRM.

Faster eTrigue Marketing Automation for Dynamics CRM
eTrigue Integration to Dynamics CRM

This post was written by George Sagen, Senior Application Consultant at Tridea Partners.

Tridea Partners is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner serving the Southern California and Salt Lake City Regions.


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