CRM Icon not available in Add-on Tab during Mail Merge

Mail Merge Functionality is one of the great features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and is usually very easy to set up.  However, recently, while creating a mail merge template for a customer that has IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) of CRM, the CRM icon that normally appears during a Mail Merge process in the Add-Ons Tab in Word was not available.  This meant that I could not select the fields /or records from CRM to create the mail merge.

Dynamics CRM Toolbar

Searches on the internet, provided clues that might be missing from my Microsoft Word template.  The template is normally present when you are using CRM for Outlook Add-on for mail merges.  In this case, I was not using the CRM for Outlook client but instead was using the web IFD interface.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Open Word Document (Word 2010)
  2. Go to File|Options|Add-ons
  3. Confirm that is not present in the list of Add-ons
  4. Search your computer for and CRMtemplate.dotm  (it should be present in a Microsoft folder)
  5. Go File|Options|Add-ons|Manage (Select Templates from drop down menu)
  6. Click on Go
  7. Navigate to the location where the .dot and dotm templates are stored and add them
  8. Try to do the mail merge again and the CRM icon should be available in the Add –Ons tab in Word.

Dynamics CRM Add-Ins Window

Dynamics CRM Templates and Add-ins


This post was written by Var Galpchian, CRM Application Consultant for Tridea Partners, a Microsoft Dynamics partner serving the Southern California and Salt Lake City regions.




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CRM Icon not available in Add-on Tab during Mail Merge

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