Study Shows that 72% of Doctors are Using Tablet Devices for Work

According to MobiHealthNews, a recent study by Manhattan Research shows that nearly two-thirds of doctors are using tablet devices to look-up patient information, consume content and read/send emails. You can imagine the impact it is having on the efficiency of their daily routine. Instead of having to be given a hand-written patient file, with notes scattered throughout, the doctor can now review the electronic health records (EHR) while standing next to the patient. In addition, the doctor can confirm the latest treatment approach, prescribe the appropriate medication, and send an email to have a follow up visit from a specialist scheduled, all from their tablet. Not only will this improve efficiencies so the doctor can visit more patients in a given day, it will increase the accuracy and quality of care provided. This is just one example of how utilizing up-to-date information technology (IT) solutions will benefit the Healthcare industry.

With the dramatic reform changes coming down from Washington and ongoing compliance issues, information technology (IT) plays a pivotal role for Healthcare. Whether you’re a growing healthcare company, or a well-established one, proven IT solutions allow for nimble adoption of new business processes and procedures.

By Brent Garduno, Regional Sales Manager, Tridea Partners,

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