SmartList in Dynamics GP

SmartList is a powerful querying tool that comes with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It allows you to view and search through all of your system’s raw data, which GP also conveniently organizes by module in folders and subfolders.  You can choose to set search for data from a wide selection of parameters as well as add additional fields to your SmartList view.  You can create custom reports and set them as reminders to your home page.  So, for example, you could have notifications of any negative customer balances or a certain number of orders past due.  Here are some of the benefits and highlights of SmartList.

User friendly and comes with prebuilt reports

 SmartList organizes all your hard data into folders and subfolders based on which module it originates: General Ledger, Sales/Receivables, Purchasing/Payables, Inventory.  You’ll notice these folders in the left content pane of SmartList.  This makes it easy to filter by module to obtain the data you are searching for.  Within each subfolder, Dynamics GP comes with canned reports.  Some examples of this are views for: posted past due customers, open sales orders and items shipped today.  The benefit of having these prebuilt reports is that it saves users the time of having to create their own from scratch.  Or, if you need a more advanced report, you can use the canned report as a basis to create your view –thereby saving you a bit of time, since GP has done some of the legwork for you.

SmartList in Dynamics GP

Personalize SmartList reports by adding Columns and search criteria

If you click on the Columns button and then Add, you can add additional header fields to your view.  GP provides a long list of fields to select from and you can choose to add an unlimited number of fields to your view.  This makes SmartList very versatile in terms of customizing views for each user and company department’s needs.

One useful header worth pointing out is “Void Status” (Yes or No) for Payables and Receivables.  This field is especially helpful because it allows you to set a restriction that ensures you are searching for only data that is valid.  Often times, users may be viewing incorrect subtotals if they forget to exclude the range of transactions that have been voided.

Personalize GP SmartList reports

If you click on the Search button, you are given a total of four search parameters.  You can use any field as a search criteria and set a wide variety of filters, including but not limited to: date ranges, greater than/less than/equal to rules, contains certain character(s).

GP SmartList search fields

Create Favorites and Reminders on your Home Page

If there is a view that you frequently use, you can set that SmartList as a “Favorite” by clicking on the Favorites button at the top menu bar of SmartList.  Your SmartList will then appear in the folders as a saved view.  You can also set this Favorite as a Reminder.  For example, if you wanted a reminder whenever a new vendor is created, you could set a search parameter of “Number of Records > 0” and set that as a Favorite and Reminder.  Any time this parameter holds true, you’ll see a reminder on your home page.

GP SmartList Custom Reminder

Export to Excel to share reports and for further data manipulation

You can click the Excel button to export your SmartList directly to Excel.  From there, you have the ability to share reports and further organize your data to your company’s needs and liking.

GP SmartList export to Excel

These are just a few of the many features of SmartList.  SmartList’s flexibility and customizability makes it extremely helpful when it comes to things such as, month-end close, cross-checking balances, investigating any reconciliation discrepancies, and troubleshooting your general support issues. For more information on SmartList, please contact Tridea Partners at

Written by Renee Leung, GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners, a San Diego based Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics Partner.

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