7 Questions when Integrating a Shopping Cart to Dynamics GP

We often get asked about integrating various web shopping carts (ecommerce sites) to Dynamics GP which requires a number of very important discussions before identifying the effort to configure such integrations. The following are 7 relevant topics that must be clarified first:

1) What vehicle(s) does the Shopping Cart provide to export the Sales Order information?

  • A Web Services API which gives us direct access to the SO data programatically? Or,
  • Can the Shopping Cart write new Sales Order info to a file (CSV, XML, SQL Table?) that we can grab programatically (from an FTP site, for example)? Or,
  • Is someone going to have to manually download a file (CSV, XML?) that contains the new Sales Order information for a given period?

2) Customer records?

  • Does the customer need a GP Customer Card for each new Customer that signs-up in the Shopping Cart? If so, we need a consistent rule to map Customer Numbers between the two applications.
  • Will the customer enter all Shopping Cart orders using a generic GP Customer (such as: WEBCUSTOMER)?

3) Item records and Pricing Info?

  • Will the Item Numbers used by the Shopping Cart be exactly the same as the GP Item Numbers? If not, we need to come up with a consistent way to map the two.
  • Is the Unit Price charged to the Web customer clearly expressed in the Sales Order export? If not, we need to make sure that the GP Price Lists are consistent with the Shopping Cart pricing scheme.

4) Payment Info?

  • Are the Shopping Cart Sales Orders entered in GP as fully paid? Or,
  • Are the Shopping Cart Sales Orders entered in GP with a Credit Card Book Transaction to be settled later inside GP (once the order is shipped) by Nodus’ Credit Card Advantage (CCA)? If so, we need to confirm that the two systems work in a compatible way (that is: that the Shopping Cart’s Book transaction and corresponding Authorization codes are compatible with CCA’s Sale transaction inside GP.)

5) Do we need to export anything (such as Tracking Numbers) from GP back to the Shopping Cart? If so, what vehicle(s) does the Shopping Cart provide to import data?

6) Frequency of the Import / Export execution

  • If we want automatic execution (if available depending on the answers to topic 1), with what frequency?

7) Notifications and Logging

  • Do we want any email notifications triggered along the way?

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